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HughesNet Gen 5 is here...

The fastest satellite internet to date has arrived. With speeds up to 25 MBPS and coverage across the entire United States, there is no better time than now to upgrade to the best satellilte internet has to offer. Gen 5 is also the first satellite internet service without hard data caps, which means even after your data runs out you will still have the ability to do everything you need, including video streaming. Your internet will never be completely shut off! Sign up now to take part in the "Next Plan Up" promotion to save up to $30 per month for the first year!

HUGHES Gen_5_Plans__Next_Level_Up_
  • Get the fastest speeds of any satellite internet ever, up to 25 MBPS download!

  • No "hard data caps"

  • Coverage available wherever you are

  • Built in data-saving features

  • Keep up to date with the new Hughs app! Track data usage, get answers to questions, even pay your bill!

  • Free Standard Installation